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Simultaneous Interpreting

Simultaneous interpreters practically instantly transfer a speech or presentation from one language to another. It is often offered in multiple languages at international events. Due to the high levels of concentration required the simultaneous interpreters work in teams of at least two and take turns about every 30 minutes.

Simultaneous interpreting can either be offered with the help of an interpreting booth, or a “tour guide system”. However, booths clearly offer a superior quality for the listeners and are definitely the best solution for large events, while tour guide systems offer a good solution for mobile events. Whispered interpreting, so called "chuchotage" is a special form of simultaneous interpreting for a maximum of two listeners.

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Consecutive Interpreting

During this mode, the interpreter uses a special note-taking technique, which allows him to transfer speech segments of 5-10 minutes into the other language after the speaker has finished their presentation.

While this is particularly effective for shorter speeches, this interpreting technique requires roughly double the time which needs to be taken into account during the planning of your event. An often used special form of consecutive interpreting is dialogue or business interpreting. This mode is most commonly used during dialogue situations such as 1-on-1 business negotiations or small round table discussions.

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Event Solutions

I also organize multi-language interpreter teams, conference and interpreting equipment, and translation of conference documents, etc.

Organizing a multilingual conference can be challenging. This is where I come in and take care of your multilingual requirements, such as assembling the interpreting teams for all necessary language combinations and sourcing the required interpreting equipment.

Through my extensive network of expert interpreting colleagues and conference system providers, I always deliver what you need - fast, efficient and reliable. Some of my experience in this area includes having organized multiple interpreting teams for up to 12 languages and putting together the necessary equipment for up to 6.000 participants. I have organized world congresses, international conferences, management meetings of multinational groups and week-long workshop and PR tours.

Whether you are organizing a conference, meeting or anything else, simply click here for a free quote and more information.


Alexander C. Gansmeier
Conference Interpreter, M.A.
German & English

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After receiving my Master of Arts in Conference Interpreting in the UK, I went straight into the freelance interpreting market. In 2011-2012 I also taught the Master of Arts in Conference Interpreting at the University of Central Lancashire while still practicing as an interpreter. Some of my areas of expertise include

  • Sales and marketing,
  • Medical and pharma,
  • Automotive technology,
  • Financial and management meetings as well as
  • IT and software.

For any further information or a free quote for your conference, please do not hesitate to contact me either via at e-mail or call me directly on +49 176 3244 8041.

Memberships & Board Work

Professional networks, trainings, lobbying work and an active exchange with colleagues are not only personally enriching, but also crucial for long-term professional success. For this reason, I am both - a member of the most important professional bodies in the interpreting industry, as well as a board member in various professional associations, actively participating in shaping the future of our profession.

German Association of Conference Interpreters (VKD)

The German Association of Conference Interpreters* is a national professional association and a political lobbying group for high quality conference interpreters.
Since January 2014 I have been the Head of the Secretariat as well as a Member of the Board. Besides the daily operations and various board-related duties, I am also running the VKD's entire social media presence.

*the largest professional chapter of the BDÜ, the Federal Association of Interpreters and Translators

Institute of Translation & Interpreting (ITI; 2014-2016)

With more than 3,000 members, the Institute of Translation and Interpreting (ITI) is the largest professional body for translators and interpreters in the United Kingdom.
As a Member of the Board, I played an active part in shaping the institute's strategic guidance as well as taking care of individual board projects during the 2014-2016 tenure.

North-West Translators' Network (NWTN; 2012-2016)

The North-West Translators' Network (NWTN) is a regional professional organization for translators and interpreters in the North-West of England.
From taking over the mantle as Committee Member and Event Organizer in December 2012 all the way to February 2016, I not only steered the network's development and modernization, but also organized countless networking events, national trainings and CPD as well as other events.


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