Simultaneous interpreting

Simultaneous interpreters practically instantly transfer a speech or presentation from one language to another. It is often offered in multiple languages at international events. Due to the high levels of concentration required the simultaneous interpreters work in teams of at least two and take turns about every 30 minutes.

Simultaneous interpreting can either be offered with the help of an interpreting booth, or a portable “tour guide system” or “bidule”. However, booths clearly offer a superior quality for the listeners and are the best solution for large events, while tour guide systems offer a good solution for mobile events or small workshops.

Simultaneous interpreting microphone and headset

Whispered interpreting, so called "chuchotage", is a special form of simultaneous interpreting for a maximum of two listeners or for smaller groups also using the “tour guide system”.

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consecutive interpreting

During this mode, the interpreter uses a special note-taking technique, which allows him to transfer speech segments of 5-10 minutes into the other language after the speaker has finished their presentation.


While this is particularly effective for short speeches, this interpreting technique requires roughly double the time which needs to be taken into account during the planning of your event.

An often used special form of consecutive interpreting is dialogue or business interpreting, which is most commonly used for dialogue situations such as 1-on-1 business negotiations.


Prices & Fees

Interpreting fees depend on a wide range of factors, however, the price for one German <-> English interpreter usually starts at about 800.00 € (plus VAT if applicable) for a conference/meeting, usually independent of its length or duration. Please note, that for most events, you will need a team of at least two interpreters.

The price for your event can consist of a multitude of elements, such as:

  • the actual interpreting service

  • preparation time

  • travel time and travel expenses

  • overnight stays and meal allowance

  • copyright fee for streaming and recording

  • a handling fee for event consulting and team organization (if required)

  • interpreting equipment rental (if required) and much more!

Conference interpreters prices and fees

The duration of an event is usually more or less irrelevant to the interpreting fee, although overtime can be charged for particularly long conferencing days. Other factors that can influence the fee for your event are the actual topic and difficulty, the needed language combination, the interpreting equipment used, the type of interpreting required and much more.

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