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Oftentimes international meetings take place in more than just one language - even English as the world’s “lingua franca” is not always enough, after all.

If you are looking for interpreters for a particular language, simply click directly below for the respective language. However, if you need interpreting solutions for bigger events with up to ten languages or more at a time, just click here.

Conference interpreters for Arabic


Arabic is spoken by close to 400 million people across the Middle East and Africa. Not only does this make it a crucial language for international politics and trade, but it makes it even more important to be mindful of the different countries and regions cultural specificities.

Conference interpreters for Arabic


China - the market of the future. The Middle Kingdom is a global economic powerhouse, which is why perfect communication and the differences in conducting business between East and West need to be taken into account to expand markets or form partnerships.

Conference interpreters for French


As Europe’s second largest economy, France (and Paris in particular) is of paramount importance, both politically and economically. And lest we forget: France is also spoken by more than 100 million people in Africa, the world’s largest emerging market!

Conference interpreters for German


Practically synonymous with premium cars, international trade surplus and beer, Germany is the EU’s largest economy. With its specific history as the geographical center of Europe, Germany also plays a big role in shaping the continent’s political landscape.

Conference interpreters for Italian


Italy has plenty to offer: From la dolce vita, to luxury fashion designer houses, global financial services providers to an inimitable cultural legacy. And of course, the “Italian Connection” is particularly strong in Southern Germany, Bavaria and Munich!

Conference interpreters for Japanese


The Land of the Rising Sun is home to some of the world’s most established automotive and electronics manufacturers. On top of that, this highly developed country with its many customs is a political heavyweight as part of the G7.

Alexander C. Gansmeier - Portuguese Conference Interpreter.jpg


Portuguese is not only spoken in Europe’s most western country, but also in Latin America’s largest and most populous country - Brasil - as well as even some states in Africa!
This makes it an indispensable language for international corporate communication.

Alexander C. Gansmeier - Russian Conference Interpreter.jpg


Russia is by far the largest country in the entire world. More than that though, even in the international world of politics and business, it is one of the most important players around. Russia’s economic prowess and international relations make it a valuable foreign market for many.

Alexander C. Gansmeier - Spanish Conference Interpreter.jpg


As the world’s third most spoken language with roughly 450 million native speakers - behind only English and Chinese - Spanish is very important in Continental Europe, parts of Africa and the majority of Latin America, where it is oftentimes the official language.


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