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Our Specialties


expert speakers need expert interpreters!

Interpreters don’t only “say what the speaker says”. Oftentimes, extensive knowledge of the area we are interpreting in is the key to success!

That is why we pride ourselves on our experience across a wide range of topics and industries. The following list is by no means extensive, but is supposed to give you an impression of the variety that comes with the job.

If you can’t find your very personal topic or industry listed below, just send us an email and we will be happy to help!

Conference interpreters specializing in aerospace technology


German engineering does not only apply to cars, but also the aerospace industry! From satellites, to passenger planes, drones and other defense industry projects - this area is crucial for Germany and international trade.

Conference interpreters specializing in arts and culture

Arts & Culture

Are you an architect, looking to discuss your real estate masterpiece in all its glory abroad? Or a writer, participating in a foreign literature festival or discussion on your magnum opus? Then get in touch!

Conference interpreters specializing in automotive industry and technology


Premium cars are practically synonymous with Germany. So whether you would like to expand your own market, are facing supply negotiations or are arranging a training for your engineers, we’re here to help!

Conference interpreters specializing in beauty and wellness

Beauty & Wellness

Are you recruiting a bigger sales force for your direct selling business? Or presenting a breakthrough dietary supplement? Or even offering cosmetologists a training on the latest makeup techniques? Get in touch!

Conference interpreters specializing in finance and trade

Finance & Trade

Your international investors and the press are listening? We make sure that everybody understands your financial guidance for this year, and that your Q2 result press conference and your AGM makes sense abroad!

Conference interpreters specializing in IT and digitization

IT & Digital

It’s hard to keep up with cyber space lingo: Blockchain, Bitcoin, conversion tracking and the digital sales funnel or the agile manifesto - if that sounds foreign to you, we’re here to make sure it’s not!

Conference interpreters specializing in media and TV

Media & TV

Are you interviewing a star athlete or hosting a talk panel? Or even producing a documentary abroad? Either way, we help you bridge the language gap with your sources and the big TV or streaming audience alike!

Conference interpreters specializing in pharmaceutical and medical industry

Pharmaceutical & Medical

The EMA requires you to work with a clinical investigator? You are currently organizing a highly specialized medical conference? Or you are in the midst of pharmaceutical market research? We’re here to help!

Conference interpreters specializing in telecommunications technology


Interpreters are like a good 5G network connection: Fast, reliable and always ensuring that your message is well received. With us interpreting for you, you’ll have a fantastic connection - even abroad.


Other Specialties

Didn’t find what you were looking for? Just drop us an email and we’ll take it form there, since what we have presented on this website is only a small fraction of our experience. So, here’s a little more:

  • Bavarian Mining Code

  • Direct Selling

  • Green electricity production from sustainable sources

  • Pet food production

  • Sustainable tourism in the Alpine region

  • Team building workshops and so much more! 

So you see, it’s worth getting in touch - we’ll always help you find the perfect and tailormade interpreting solution for your event!